One of my favorite pass times, when I have time, is photography. What I find fascinating about photography, is that 1) I’m ”not” a very creative photographer and have to work hard to produce acceptable results and 2) it has nothing at all to do with technology! However, even though technology is a secondary issue, it is important to know thy camera. That means that you should be able to use the camera and all of its important features without having to fumble around and move your attention away from the subject of the photograph to the camera. In this post, I’ve tried to put together a list of useful links covering basic photography techniques, the Nikon and Canon systems and camera review sites.

  • A Tale of Two Cameras gives an interesting overview of the differences between a “standard” digitial camera and a digital SLR.
  • Focal Length and Depth of Field – This is another important issues which has to be fully understood, i.e. what is the relationship between aperture and focal length. I was a little surprised by what I read here!
  • Digital Exposure describes how to get the best results from your digital camera by “exposing to the right”.
  • Flash Photography Made Simple is an article for beginners who want to learn more about flash photography.
  • Light and Lighting is an extensive set of articles covering what photography is all about – light. Easy to read and informative.

Here are some links relating specifically, or mainly, to the Nikon system – which is the system I currently use and prefer:

  • bythom is a cool site full of useful information and reviews relating to the Nikon system.
  • Nikon SB-800 Resources is a site full of links and information relating to the Nikon flash system.
  • D70 Custom Tone Curve is a site which describes what custom curves are and makes some useful curves available for download.

Here are some links which relate specifically to the Canon EOS system:

Some of my favourite online photography sites which give detailed camera, lens and printer reviews, help and user forums are:

If you are looking for a place to host your digital photos, or you just want to browse the work of others, you should definitely check out the following sites:

  • pbase is a popular photo gallery site amongst photography enthusiasts which has a very cool camera database which I use whenever I want to buy a new lens or camera.
  • smugmug is another very popular photography enthusiasts gallery hosting website.
  • flickr is a Web2.0 photo gallery which has some interesting social and tagging features.

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