The next projects we have been working on and will be described in later posts are much more sophisticated than the previous alarm system. The projects include: building logic gates such as AND, NAND and OR out of NPN transistors, a four bit adder out of logic gates which in turn are built from NPN transistors, a 4 bit counter from J-K Flip-Flops, a new version of our alarm system using 555 timers, logic gates, diodes and a keypad to activate and de-active the alarm and finally, a traffic light system using a PICAXE microcontroller and logic gates. If you would like to find out more about these components and electronics in general, I can highly recommend Make: Electronics by Charles Platt.

Make: Electronics

If you would prefer an online source of information, I can also recommend doctronics which has some great guides and projects with useful circuit diagrams in breadboard format. Take a look at the doctronics biscuit tin alarm for a fun project.