As we use breadboard quite extensively in our microprocessor experiments I decided to take a look at the AXE029 breadboard adapter for the PICAXE which I purchased from the reliable people at tech supplies. The first thing that surprised me after receiving it was that it is not pre-assembled but in kit form; in retrospect it was perhaps a little naïve to think that it would pre-built. After a few minutes soldering, as the kit is not hard to put together, everything was in place and working fine – before and after shots below. On the AXE029 device there is a jumper which enables you to select between an 18 pin or 28/40 pin PICAXE and this allows you to place the AXE029 directly next to the PICAXE pins on the breadboard – works a treat with the 28X1 PICAXE microprocessors but not the 20M. For the 20M, you will have to place the AXE029 somewhere on your breadboard and connect it to the 20M via wires – not a big deal.

AXE029 Breadboard Adapter

One problem that I have had for a while now, and which is unrelated to the AXE029, is reliably getting a connection to the PICAXE. Using the MacAXEpad and connecting to the PICAXE via a USB cable, I often get connection errors. I’ll have to take a closer look at this – I suspect the USB driver on the Mac but it is hard to tell.